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P . . S . . 3

With members from New York, Norway and Senegal (Marque Gilmore, André Viervoll & Bambo Cissokho) P..S..3 mixes Future-Jazz, West African Music, Brooklyn-Funk, Nu-Electronica plus ancient Scandinavian Folk Music elements with the musical and rhythmic foundations of band-leader and project founder Marque Gilmore - all enhanced by the colourful sounds of the Mozambican music, extraordinary electric bass playing and dramatic vocal performances from special guest member Childo Tomas!
A group composed of inspirational musicians and skillful performers, the artists behind P..S..3 - "The Pan-Scandinavian Trio" have earned their reputation as an extraordinary group to look out for. Explore the site and check out their music below.

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MARQUE GILMORE Presents: KULT-U-REAL™ Session #5
FRIDAY - 04 - APRIL - 2014 @ Stallet, Stockholm

P..S..3 is the performance-arm of Marque Gilmore's umbrella interactive concert-workshop project KULT-U-REAL. It is a 3-member ensemble with the trio of Gilmore, Cissokho and Viervoll as its dynamic "core trio" - The performances feature special collaborations with Scandinavian Musicians and International Artists living in various parts of Sweden and Scandinavia.

For the video posted here, P..S..3 features the long-awaited live collaboration with the fantastically talented CHILDO TOMAS of Mozambique, instigating the next level of the KULT-U-REAL project agenda with international artists coming to Sweden
to both perform live in concert and to create the foundations for KULT-U-REAL's in-depth music workshops
and master-classes for young musicians.

As featured in the premiere performance of P..S..3 in October 2013 for the STOCKHOLM JAZZ FESTIVAL at Stallet, P..S..3 mixes Future-Jazz, West African Music, Brooklyn-Funk, Nu-Electronica plus Scandinavian Folk Music from invited special guest artist, Nyckelharpa virtuoso EMILIA AMPER - all layered with the musical and rhythmic foundation from the repertoire of Gilmore's DRUM-FM "Creation Step" CD - all enhanced by the colourful sounds of traditional Mozambican music
and the extraordinary bass playing and dramatic vocal performance from CHILDO TOMAS!!!!

For More Information about KULT-U-REAL, please check:

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Melding Minds into Music - Transporting Three into One



< aka >
"Para-Sonics in 3-Dimensions"

The P..S..3 Core Ensemble:
MARQUE GILMORE (New York/Stockholm)
ANDRÉ VIERVOLL (Oslo, Norway) + BAMBO CISSOKHO (Senegal/Stockholm).

P..S..3 is the live performance ensemble of KULT-U-REAL and features top-class
Scandinavian and International artists based in Sweden, Norway & Denmark.
Upon the sonic & rhythmic foundation from the repertoire of Marque Gilmore's interactive music compositions, three artists meet to form a live re-interpretation of the Present Moment.
Each bring their culture, continent & counter-point to the threshold for instant compositions and live improvisations formed from years of experience, research and musical communication.

Currently in production is a studio and live concert album from P..S..3 and it's umbrella project KULT-U-REAL™. With five concerts recorded since November of 2012 at Stockholm's premiere folk & world music venue STALLET plus new Oslo studio recordings, the result will be an enigmatic digital-compilation CD, along with multiple subsequent volumes of
the individual concerts & special "Live Remix" sessions.
To be released in early 2017 on Gilmore's Tribal Broadcast Recordings label.

The KULT-U-REAL™/P..S..3 Project Flow:

With the P..S..3 ensemble as the musical anchor, KULT-U-REAL initiates its
“alternative music school” with hands-on training for youth musicians within workshops and master-classes, as well as working with professional, established international artists
in real-time within the live concert and club performances.

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P..S..3 "Core Ensemble"

1. Marque Gilmore (Beach).jpg

Project Founder; “Acousti-Lectric” Drumz, Electronics, Voice


Marque Gilmore ‘the inna•most’, born in Cambridge Massachusetts, is critically acclaimed worldwide as a superbly innovative drummer/percussionist, future-music producer/composer and live electronic music performance pioneer. For over 25 years Marque has been working globally as a professional musician, producer and cultural arts practitioner with his flagship music & multi-media performance project DRUM-FM - and from its inception in the early 90s, Marque literally pioneered the musical sub-genre now known as Live DRUM'n'BASS ---> a.k.a. Live DnB! Over the course of his global career, Marque has also shared his future-bound music & “Interactive Tribalistic” drumming with high-level pop, dance and Hip-Hop/R&B artists from STING to MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO; providing his specialized drumming & drum-loops to underground dance & electronic music innovators from GOLDIE to ROBERT MILES. Marque has re-defined the sound of world renowned artists such as Jazz Legend JOE ZAWINUL, Cuban pianist OMAR SOSA (with 10 years of worldwide touring plus co-producing two Grammy-nominated albums), recording hits with British-Indian singer SUSHEELA RAMEN and as a member of a special trio with classical pianist KATIA LABEQUE, to name only but a few. Marqueʼs innovative and pioneering work in the UKʼs cultural arts scene from 1996-2007 is well known and documented, and has been continually supported by the UK Arts Council, The Performing Rights Society Foundation (PRSF), British Council, The BBC, and more. For 25 years plus, Marque has been working globally as a professional musician, producer and cultural arts practitioner in performance, studio and in schools and universities around the world.

ANDRE-SHOT-1 PS3 (IMG_6744) copy.jpg

Piano, Synths & Electronics


Pianist, producer, composer and studio owner, educated at University of Oslo and teacher at Oslo Music Institute, has credits that cover the entire spectrum of Nordic music from Jazz innovators to high-level Pop projects. André has played with, produced and composed for artists such as Noora Noor, Queendom, Trio Vier, SOL Sound System & Richard Nygaard, among many others. André has toured extensively with Queendom, Ivan Mazuze, Noora Noor and Son Of Light, also performing with international musicians like Hermeto Pascoal (Brazil), Steve Wilson & Dwele (USA), Omar and Nate James of the UK. He was the musical director of the Groove Experience band that kept the Oslo soul scene vibrant for over 5 years by bringing in big international names. In 2005 he released his first solo album, 'Angle.' In 2006 he established Parachute Studio with Roar Nilsen and Eirik Askerøi which now is one of Oslo’s leading music studios. Lately he has been working extensively with African musicians in Norway and Sweden and in January 2013 he was artist-in-residence in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There he recorded with Addis Sebbatt. He is currently working on his solo project, Viervoll Electric, due to be launched in 2017.

BAMBO-ACTION-2 PS3 (IMG_6752).jpg

Djembe, Talking Drum, Percussion


Born and raised in Casamance, southern Senegal, multi-instrumentalist & dancer Bambo comes from a Mandinka Griot-family whose task it is to bring traditional music traditions to future generations. He currently teaches at several schools in Stockholm including Dance Centre, Kulturama, Ballet Academy & Urkraft. His own groups BADINYA & The CISSOKHO BROTHERS perform globally as well as featured performances at Swedish music festivals Urkult, Selam, Malmö, Ung-08, and international events such as Festivale Abene and Carneval Kafountine in West Africa. Bambo is a crucial element in P..S..3 making the link between the ancient rhythms and the Future-Groove! Marque and Bambo also perform as "RHYTHM-POWER-SESSION" with specialized drum workshops, masterclasses and live shows...a duo album in the works! Watch Out!

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CHILDO TOMAS (Mozambique)

Featured P..S..3 Guest-Member

This super talented Mozambican bass player arrived in Spain in 1994 and after nearly two decades of recording & performing with Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and many other international artists, Childo released his debut album Moçambique Ni NʼTumbuluku (“Mozambique with Roots”). Tomas sings in Ronga, a local language from south of Maputo and also plays MʼBira (African thumb piano) and the Timbila – a large xylophone used by the Chopi people from the Zavala region north of Maputo. P..S..3 is blessed to be enhanced by the colorful sounds of Childoʼs traditional Mozambican music and his extraordinary electric bass playing and dramatic vocal performance.

Childo Black&Red -12.jpg
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3. K-U-R #3 STKjazzeFlyer SWEDISH FINAL-1.jpg


“The North American drummer Marque Gilmore beat the drum as if it were doomsday...he is flanked by a djembe master from Senegal Bambo Cissokho, and a Norwegian organist André Viervoll... And good it is! Their hard rock fusion jazz world music goes under the project title KULT-U-REAL & P..S..3. It becomes something of a music anthropological study,
and that is nothing short of a cultural achievement; Stallet goes UN."
- Rikard Rehnbergh, Orkester Journalen 2013

"If one thinks of the word "multi-talented", it means Marque Gilmore. A bold versatile drummer/percussionist from Cambridge, Massachusetts. He offers experiments, creativity and virtuosity with large amounts of his own projects and constellations.
Besides producing his own music projects and others with his music partners,
he creates workshops and learning opportunities for young musicians."
- Katapult, Stockholm 2014

"Gilmore blows them all away. We'll only realize how important he is in years to come"
John Lewis - TimeOut, London

“To be remembered as the Father of Live DRUM & BASS. Welcome to the Future of Soul.”
Fader Magazine, NYC

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